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Scott Bair Gettle EmployeeEMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Scott Bair

“His talent, knowledge and dedication to his work, matched with his experience, puts him in a category of foremans that is almost impossible to find anymore.” – Darin E. Doll, Commercial Project Manager

Scott is an Electrical Foreman at Gettle and has been a part of the team for more than 26 years. His responsibilities include taking on the leadership role as a foreman and site superintendent for Gettle’s Electrical Division team. He is known especially for his hard work, customer satisfaction and leadership skills. His dedication to put 100 percent into everything he sets his mind to is illustrated in both his work and personal life.

When Scott isn’t on the job at Gettle, there’s a good chance he is investing time exploring his latest hobby – beekeeping and collecting honey. This interest sparked two years ago after watching a YouTube video on honey bees. Since then, Scott has immersed himself in the subject to learn how to identify bees and their role-specific jobs in a hive. He has educated himself on causes that can lead to hives collapsing and how to start a hive of his own. Soon after discovering his interest in the hobby, Scott got his hands on bee packages (each with about 5,000 bees inside) and kept up with caring for their hives to get honey flowing.

Scott Bair Gettle Employee“It takes a lot of energy and time just for the bees to make honey comb. I got about 70 pounds of honey from them and had it for sale in Gettle’s break room – and it sold out. Don’t expect to get rich selling honey. It just helps offset the hobby. Right now, I have 4 hives. I had 5 but lost one, perhaps to Hive Collapse Disorder. It’s hard to tell. I have learned the hard way how to treat the afflictions that strike my bees. It is a rewarding hobby due to the good that honeybees do for crops and flowers.”

The hard work and dedication Scott gives to his hobby is a great example of how he strives to succeed at everything he sets his mind to. From the projects he supports at Gettle to his very own home projects, he has an endless amount of energy and motivation.

“Scott’s talent, knowledge and dedication to his work, matched with his experience, puts him in a category of foremen that is almost impossible to find anymore. In the last five years Scott and I have worked together, I have been able to recognize that his reputation and work ethic have contributed to Gettle being awarded more work and new projects, making him a valuable asset to the team and a big part of Gettle’s success.” – Darin E. Doll, Commercial Project Manager


The thing I enjoy most about being an electrician, if I had to pick one thing, would be that every day brings on something different. Whether it’s a different location, running a backhoe or pulling in large cable, there is more variety in being an electrician than in any other trade in my opinion. I get bored with what I know and am constantly challenging myself to learn something new. I’m proud about what I do and where I work. I run into people all the time that see the Gettle truck or logo on my shirt and tell me that they know someone at Gettle or tell me of the good job we did for them.


I was inspired most by my Grandfather. He worked for GE in York as Shop Foreman, where they rewound motors and transformers. He knew Red Gettle and was called in at times to help them out of a jam. He gave me my work ethic and moral ethic. He taught me to be honest and upfront with people, and that was the path to success. He was a great man in my eyes.

Thank you Scott for all you do!