Motor Control Center Container Design & Engineering

Motor control center containers provide the foundation for efficient automation systems, optimizing production efficiency by centralizing critical components in a single location. Each container is engineered and fabricated in York, PA. Gettle works on projects of all sizes from single panel enclosures to full-scale manufactured buildings and containers with heating, cooling and lighting systems.

Services Include:

  • Custom built motor control center enclosures utilizing once used sea land containers with or without control rooms.
  • Manufactured buildings modified to house MCC’s, switchgear, and control cabinets.

Gettle’s approach to MCC container design and engineering and in-house panel fabrication shop provide maximum efficiency to clients allowing control centers to be engineered, designed, fabricated and tested before delivery to the client site, minimizing disruption to client operations.

24-Hour Emergency Service and Support
Gettle’s is committed to customer service and offers 24-hour emergency service and support.

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Custom-built motor control center enclosures and modified manufactured buildings to house MCC's switchgear and control cabinets.
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