Preventative Maintenance Solutions

Keep Your Information Technology Flowing

DATA_PMWhen it comes to maintaining your network solutions, Gettle offers a wide variety of services to detect and resolve issues before they can cause unnecessary network interruptions. Network failures have damaging effects to productivity – impacting everything from server access and wireless networks to VOIP phone systems.

Preventative maintenance solutions provide benefits to networks of all sizes and can help increase reliability, improve efficiency and enhance bandwidth. Gettle’s preventative maintenance services include:

  • Wireless site surveys.
    Designed to evaluate network capacity, coverage and congestion.
  • Spectrum analysis.
  • Fiber optic cleaning and testing.
  • Network cable testing.
  • Access point placement and installation.
  • Pre and post surveys.
  • AP output evaluation.
  • Wide range of wireless solutions.

To keep all your Information Technology flowing, Gettle also offers comprehensive datacom solutions and will support all Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC’s) as needed to keep your network up and running.

24-Hour Emergency Service
Committed to customer support, Gettle offers 24‐hour emergency service.

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Surveys, testing, cleaning and monitoring to help ensure networks operate at peak performance.
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