From life safety systems to comprehensive voice cabling and splicing services, Gettle offers a variety of voice communications solutions for projects of all sizes from system design and installation to maintenance.

DataVoiceServices include:

  • Voice Cabling & Splicing
    Gettle’s experienced technicians can install Category-rated cable for your key, PBX or VoIP phone systems. All physical layer type moves, adds and changes can be performed, including cross-connect moves, extension relocations and hand-set moves.All voice distribution and backbone cabling can be professionally-installed and maintained, from single-level backbone cable to multi-campus distribution systems.Gettle offers high pair count, inline and half-tap voice backbone cable splicing and has extensive experience with aerial, riser and maintenance hole environments.
  • Distributed Paging
    Sometimes referred to as “public address”, these systems allow companies to broadcast audio programming and voice messages through a system of overheard paging speakers and horns. Paging systems can be designed in zones, groups or individual layouts. These systems can be designed to support background music, night ringing, time/shift tones, talk-back and one-way paging. These systems can be accessed through a telephone system or dedicated microphone.


  • Life Safety Systems
    Designed to announce to designated areas when there is a life safety concern, these systems can notify building occupants that the building must be evacuated and reinforce proper safety procedures.


  • Sound Masking
    Designed to provide increased conversation privacy in office environments, these systems induce what is called “pink” noise in order to raise the ambient noise level.


  • Cellular Repeater Systems
    Also known as “Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), these systems are vital in today’s work place.  Cellular repeater systems are designed to increase or distribute cellular signal to areas of a building, tunnel or campus where cellular or personal communication systems do not have adequate signal strength to operate.

24-Hour Service & Support
Gettle is committed to customer service, providing 24-hour service and emergency maintenance.

Gettle’s comprehensive approach to data communications ensures all of your systems are integrated to operate at maximum efficiency.  Our multi-discipline capabilities also provide the convenience of a single source of contact capable of overseeing all project aspect, including internal and external electrical updates.

Our experienced team of industry-certified professionals including two certified Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) as well as several BICSI-certified (Building Industry Consulting Service’s International) technicians, use the latest technology to deliver custom solutions tailored to each project’s unique specifications.

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Comprehensive voice solutions including voice cabling and splicing, distributed paging, life safety systems, sound masking and cellular repeater systems.
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