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In early 2014, BWAY Corporation in York, PA, teamed up with Gettle Incorporated for the installation of a new product line for their York plant. Gettle has worked with BWAY for many years, providing machine installations and relocations in the York plant and some of their other plants in New Jersey. Past projects have always consisted of equipment for manufacturing metal cans for many different purposes, however, this project would be the installation of equipment for injection mold machines, for the production of plastic paint cans. In keeping up with the market trends and customer demands, BWAY set out on a new venture for their York facility and put their trust in Gettle for the electrical design and installation.

As the project scopeĀ evolved it became obvious the existing building service would not adequately support the installation of the new equipment. With a tight timeline, Gettle contacted the power company and came up with a plan to provide an additional 1200 ampere 480/277 volt service within a few weeks. This meant the customer would need to add an additional service to allow for the new equipment loads. The service installation would happen over the course of weeks, versus months normally associated with such a project, due to a great working relationship that Gettle maintains with the local utility company.

After the installation of service for the new feeders walled to the opposite end of the building to provide distribution for new injection machines, compressors, chillers, and many pieces of ancillary equipment. The project would prove to have many challenges before it was completed. The extremely tight time constraints, limited work areas, and installation in a fully operational plant caused the customer to request weekend and after-hour work to keep the project on schedule while limiting interruption to the existing operation.

Gettle employees on site adjusted their personal schedules and agreed to work after-hours, even seven days a week, to meet the deadline. As the project progressed and changes in scope continued to occur, Gettle stayed in close contact with the project coordinators and the power company to bring the project in on schedule. The base project would come in as budgeted, which allowed for reduced cost of change orders, even with the accelerated schedule. The main project coordinator for BWAY took the time to express how great of a job the Foreman and the Gettle team had done and how much he appreciated the support given by everyone.
Project components included installation of injection mold machines for a new product line for Bway's York plant.
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