Coastal SunbeltRefrigerated WarehouseLaurel, MD

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Gettle Incorporated contracted with Glen Arm Building to design and build Coastal Sunbelt Produce’s new 333,000 square-foot cooler/freezer, production area and office. Due to perish ability of the product, the entire facility is backed up by a standby generator system that also allows the facility to participate in a demand response program through Constellation Energy. This presented multiple issues for our Engineering/Design Division to overcome. Coordination with the generator supplier, switchgear, manufacturer and BGE was critical to ensure proper operation of the equipment.

Features of this project include:

  • 5000 amp 480/277v Secondary Metered Electrical Service Consisting of:
    • 5000 amp 150 KA Switchgear Cable of Parallel Operation between Generators & UtilityMain Breaker Switchboards
    • (5) 625kw (total of 3125kw) Paralleled Stand-By Generators
    • (53) Branch Circuit Panels & Transformers
    • Over 1,300 Horsepower of Refrigeration Equipment
    • (5) Refrigeration MCC/RCP Panels
    • (36) 480/277v & 208/120v Panelboards
    • Motorized Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers within Switchgear for Normal to Standby & Standby to Normal Transitions, & Load Shedding Capability. All Switch is Controlled by a PLC
  • Two-Story Corporate Office Fit-Out
  • (1329) Interior Lighting Fixtures, Lighting Controls & Daylighting
  • (29) Site Poles, Bases & Circuiting
  • UPS System
  • Complete Voice Evacuation Fire Alarm System
  • Over (200) Electrical Drops for Process Equipment
  • Battery Charging Area
  • Electric Fire Pump & Associated Equipment
  • (48) Vertical Dock Equipment
  • Arc Flash & Coordination studies