KCI PenRocKinsley Materials Fine Grinding Mill PlantYork, PA

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kci penrocKinsley’s Fine Grinding Mill Plant facility was in need of an automation, engineering and electrical system design to manage a total of 6,500 horsepower divided among five service locations for a total of 11,500 amps. With Gettle’s experience in aggregates and milling processes, the team was able to overcome obstacles and work efficiently to get the job done on time.

  • Condensed Area for All Equipment
  • Levels Monitored in Tall Silos with 3 Micron Material
  • (1) Master Control Room (and Remote Control Areas) to Control All Plants
  • (2) 4160 Mills
  • Rewired an Existing 480V 1200 Amp MCC to New Compact Logic Platform
  • Rewired Several Frequency Drives to a New Compact Logics Platform
  • Established Control for lots of 120V Solenoids