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The Horse Soldier, a high-end military antique center, tasked Gettle with securing their company’s valuable merchandise 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Gettle designed and installed a comprehensive fire and security solution which included:

  • Customized fire and burglar alarm system.
  • Smoke and heat detectors throughout the facility.
  • Interior and perimeter motion detectors and door contacts for intrusion detection.
  • Card readers and upgraded door hardware for access control.*
  • Interior and exterior camera installation in sensitive areas with event recording to a hard drive.

Gettle’s highly-trained and experienced team of fire and security experts were able to provide the Horse Soldier with a single point of responsibility who could manage all of their fire and security needs from system design to installation and monitoring, providing the client with maximum project efficiency and ensuring it stayed on schedule and budget.

*During the installation phase of the project, the customer mentioned that at a previous facility he had encountered problems with some very familiar customers accessing “employee only” areas of the store and asked Gettle to offer recommendations on preventing this issue at the Horse Soldier. Because the doors to the employee area were in a path to the fire exit, they could not be restricted.  Gettle offered the client a solution that allowed them to place a card reader on the door (both going in and out) that was integrated with a door position switch and alarm sounder. Gettle’s fire/security experts programmed the opening to accept valid card reads and bypass the alarm during authorized entry and exit of that area. Gettle posted a sign on the door that alerted staff and customers that unauthorized entry will cause an alarm to sound. The solution met the client’s needs and they have been happy with the results it is producing.
Customized fire and burglar alarm system, smoke and heat detectors, access control solutions and interior and exterior camera installation.
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