COVID-19: Is Your Company an Essential Business?

Gettle Incorporated would like to extend our sincerest wishes of good health and safety to all of our clients, and we look forward to resuming business with you as soon as possible! For our customers who have been deemed an “essential business” during the COVID-19 pandemic, our qualified electricians and technicians are here for you. Gettle has taken all necessary precautions mandated by the CDC and all levels of government to assist our life-sustaining clients during the challenging time. Here are just some of the services Gettle can provide to keep your essential business running at peak performance:
  • Preventative maintenance of electrical equipment including cleaning, Infrared Thermographic inspections, etc.
  • Emergency lighting repairs, upgrades, additions — all to be code compliant.
  • Emergency lighting maintenance such as checking battery packs, etc.
  • Lighting repairs — interior and exterior.
  • Branch circuit and feeder additions.
  • Engineering studies including arc flash studies, analyzing existing systems for NEC compliance, etc.
  • Information Technologies/Low Voltage services, including:
    • FACP servicing, repairs, upgrades and monitoring.
    • Surveillance systems servicing, repairs, upgrades and monitoring.
    • System checks and certifications.
    • Data rack replacement and upgrades.
    • UPS replacements and upgrades.
    • Installation of additional data lines.
    • Access systems additions, repairs, upgrades and monitoring.
Gettle is operational and office staff are working remotely. If you would like to contact our team, you may do so in the following ways:
  • General Inquires at or at 800-758-0780. (Mon. – Fri. 7AM to 5PM.)
  • Commercial/Industrial Electrical Service at (Mon. – Fri. 7AM to 4PM.)
  • Datacom/Fire-Security Service at (Mon. – Fri. 7AM to 4PM.)
  • All After-Hours Emergencies at 800-758-0780; Press 1 at prompt. (Mon. – Fri. 4PM to 7AM/Weekends/Holidays.)
We look forward to the opportunity to strengthening our working relationship and we wish you and your team health and safety!