Safety By Design, Not By Accident

Safety is very important as we all know, but the reality is there are dangers in most electrical and construction installation projects. At Gettle Incorporated, we value our employees and their safety along with the safety of our customers. We recognize that the potential for danger exists in the work we perform and the key is to be vigilant of those dangers and have procedures in place to remove the danger from the equation. We have always taken steps to keep our employees safe and realize that in an ever-changing work place complacency is an accident waiting to happen. In knowing this, we have always put forth our best effort to keep our safety policies at the forefront of every project we do. Our employees receive safety training before they ever begin work at Gettle; they are continually trained, provided with any safety equipment they need, and are overseen by our Safety Department. Safety needs to be a top priority to protect personnel and property in every installation performed. We will continue advancements in safety, because the most important element of any project is the well being of everyone involved. As a customer of Gettle Incorporated, if there is ever a question of safety, we ask that you do not hesitate to contact our safety department. Our Safety Manager, Mindi Rummel, PHR, can be contacted via her mobile at 717-600-4659 or via email Our customers’ concerns are our concerns and above all we want to keep everyone involved safe!